You often hear me say “nature heals.” You often see me post about “nature time” in my feed and in my stories. There’s a reason. Nature does actually heal us in a profound way. It’s why I’ve made time spent in nature an integral part of our events and our soon to be launched Change of Air guide. After another weekend of hiking that felt ever so good, I thought it would be powerful to re-share with you exactly HOW nature heals:

“Nature restores mental functioning in the same way that food and water restore bodies. The business of everyday life — dodging traffic, making decisions and judgment calls, interacting with strangers — is depleting, and what man-made environments take away from us, nature gives back. There’s something mystical and, you might say, unscientific about this claim, but its heart actually rests in what psychologists call attention restoration theory, or ART. According to ART, urban environments are draining because they force us to direct our attention to specific tasks (e.g., avoiding the onslaught of traffic) and grab our attention dynamically, compelling us to “look here!” before telling us to instead “look over there!” These demands are draining — and they’re also absent in natural environments. Forests, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans demand very little from us, though they’re still engaging, ever changing, and attention-grabbing. The difference between natural and urban landscapes is how they command our attention. While man-made landscapes bombard us with stimulation, their natural counterparts give us the chance to think as much or as little as we’d like, and the opportunity to replenish exhausted mental resources.”

Ready to plan your next outdoor adventure yet? Even a short nature walk daily can be transformative. I’ve linked this entire article from The Atlantic in our bio. I hope you’ll read and see for yourself how necessary nature is to our healing. It has been a savior for me and that’s why it’s a key part of everything we do.