Being an ACoA is one thing. 
Knowing you are an ACoA is another. 
Understanding what that means for your behavior, your feelings, your way of thinking is yet another. 
Understanding boundaries and anger and trusting oneself again is another. 
Navigating all this while also living through daily life stressors is yet another.
And another and another and another.

Coming to terms with being an ACOA has many layers. Many levels of realization and integration. Until something else pops up and you realize you have to peel back another layer and deal with that. And learn new healthy behaviors around that. Just when you think you have it sorted, a new situation with a loved one or a work situation will elicit an unexpected reaction in you and you’ll need to notice it, pause, think through how that might be tied to your childhood and deal with it.

This is all a lot.
Like, so much. 
Even: exhausting.

To be ever aware of all these different strands of your life at play in any moment takes diligence, vigilance, a real awareness and so much courage. I know because I’m walking the same road with you. I’m proud of us for being this aware and doing the work. But I also want us to remember another strand we forget about when we are doing all of this: the fun strand.

Where can we add lightness and a little silly joy to all this heavy work we are doing? I mentioned it in a past newsletter (and if you aren’t on it yet, get ON it, link in bio) that I’m gonna start joy dancing for 5 minutes every morning. I can tell you right now: that is not anything that seems rational as I navigate heavy emotional terrain. But it’s just the kind of thing that is so silly it has an appeal I can’t quite describe. What little thing can you do every day to add some silly into all this ACoA seriousness? Share with us and let’s do it together!