I have had to learn (again and again) how to coach myself through tough moments. How to be patient with myself. Though we are all learning more about how to navigate life as adult children of alcoholics, and how best to respond to moments in life that trigger something from childhood, we won’t always get it right. We won’t always be the picture of calm and reason that we want ourselves to be in a stressful moment at work or school or with loved ones. It’s ok. You will get another chance to be oh so composed the next time around. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Figure out ways to stop in those moments if you can (or after if it wasn’t one of your best) and talk yourself through what you are feeling, why you might be feeling that way (a particular memory from the past?) and coach yourself to understanding that was the past and most current situations don’t require the same vigilance and intensity of response that was oh so necessary for survival when you were living with alcoholic parents. And then love on yourself for being strong enough to love on yourself. This is what self-care actually looks like. 💙
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