Sometimes the best way to better understand a feeling or experience or painful memory is to get it out of you and onto paper. I have strayed from my daily writing practice for a very long time (maybe too much would pour out and so I’ve been avoiding it?) and I recently started again to work through some stuff coming up for me about how neglectful my alcoholic mother was and how resentful (all these years later) I still am that I was forced into the role of caretaker of my brother (and my mother) at the age of 11. I didn’t even know I felt this way until I free wrote whatever I was feeling. I’ve been ANGRY and writing helped it get out of me to a place where I could hold it up and look at it with a little less emotion and a bit of distance. So often with writing I just put whatever I’m thinking or feeling onto the page (or into the screen or an Evernote note!) and it’s only after it’s out that I re-read it and think: huh, so I guess THAT’S what’s going on with me. Powerful stuff.

If you don’t have a regular writing practice, I encourage you to try it as part of your self-care and healing. You don’t have to worry about the writing being good because we aren’t trying to win Pulitzers here. The goal is simply to get your thoughts and feelings out of you and onto/into a place that allows you to see all of it a bit more clearly. Also: it feels good to shift all the strong feelings to another place.

Write with me this week and see what shifts. 📝

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