Our bodies carry every memory. Every slight. Every past worry. Every past moment of fear. Every terrifying walk home from school not knowing what you’d find when you got there. Every burned or skipped meal. Every alcohol-fueled insult hurled your way. Every forgotten birthday. Every moment when all you needed was to be noticed, held, loved, considered and instead found yourself in the caregiver role at a much too early age.

The only way to truly heal from growing up with alcoholic parents is to understand this and work to move these very real traumas out of our bodies so that we can move forward, free to make new decisions from a place of love and support instead of fear and worry.

It all lives in our bodies. Whether it’s yoga or running or meditation or hiking or rock climbing or a combination of these and other things, find your thing that connects you to your magnificent and wise body. And do it daily to connect to what’s there. Over time, you will be able to notice what needs to shift, what feelings and behaviors no longer serve you and what feels healthier and more loving instead. Try it with me this week and see what shifts.

This quote by Katie Cannon was included in Bessel Van Der Kolk’s phenomenal book “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma.” I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone ready to begin doing this work to heal.