I’ve had this plant for 4 years. When I first got it, I planted it with another type of succulent. One with tall, bushy, bright purple flowers. I planted those purple flowers right in the center. Big, brash, proud, clearly the most important thing in the pot. And for three years, those purple flowers remained center stage. And these guys you see now – tall, flowering, majestic af – were but tiny little under-succulents to the purple flowers. Just little ground cover. Barely seen. Always in the shadow of the towering purple blooms.

I then moved this pot to my desert house. And a miraculous thing happened. The new air, the nature, the sun, the completely new environment was not so good for the proud and showy purple flowers. They died within a month. I thought for sure the under-succulents would, too. But! But! Those little guys were just waiting for the right spot to do their thing. To become so fully themselves. So fully alive. I had no idea they could grow this tall. I had no idea they could bloom like this with tiny delicate flowers all over. I had no idea that all this beauty was waiting there, years in shadow, for just the right climate to shine. And it’s even more beautiful than I ever imagined.

We are these succulents. And we are finding our climate. We are healing so we can create the environment we need inside ourselves and around ourselves. And oh my goodness will our strength and power and beauty astound us when we are ready to come out of the shadows.