Home. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I’ve always been someone who wanted to make their home as lovely as possible, as comfortable and inspiring and relaxing as possible. I want everyone who visits my home to feel good, cared for, loved, inspired. I want to feel that way too. My home has always been the ultimate self-care: giving my childhood self everything she never got in her home growing up.

I’ve been thinking about a why a lovely home has mattered so much to me over the years. And why it has been tough to let go of homes that I adored. Tougher for me than so many people in my life. And it’s so clear to me now: I have gone out of my way to create spaces that feel SAFE. And what a heartbreak to realize that my inner little girl has wanted nothing more for all these decades than to simply be somewhere safe. Where the fighting could not get to her. Where she knew exactly what she’d be walking into after school. Where she could simply BE without fear of insults and yelling and drama and danger.

The next time someone questions why I care so much about my homes, why I really spend time making them feel oh so lovely, I will simply smile. Knowing I’m taking care of me the best way I know how.